Coming Home to Write


A synopsis for each screenplay is coming soon. Thanks for checking back.

Dancing With the Dead

Irish Mist




So, I asked Katie if she would be game to pick up the accountability emails again … read more

Writing Groups

One way to be more accountable about your writing is to join a writing group … read more


Eric Ian Farmer is composing the music and lyrics for my play Angleton Grillread more

Writing for Mystic Activists

A week with eleven fellow writers of enormous talent … read more

Writing About Writing


Same Time, Same Place

“Write every single day at the same time and in the very same place.” … read more

The Secret Lives …

If discomfort can make you grow, I grew a lot by the time I finished this book … read more

What Are You Reading These Days?

If you want to write, you have to read … read more

Kindred Spirits

Brown had an idea for a screenplay. He took that idea and turned it into a novella … read more